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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yep, it's that time again. Time for a book you can get for free without lifting a finger (ok, well, you'll have to lift a few fingers in order to comment, but it's a lot better than forking over some dough!) So what do I have for you this time?

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Why not read the book before you go see the movie? There were nine of them...but someone or something is systematically hunting them all down. They are all that is left standing between humanity and ruination. Three are dead. Number four is left - and next in line to die.

I thought maybe I'd chuck this one out there since the movie is due out the 18th. I also thought it was pretty impressive that this book got picked up so quickly to be turned into a movie. Some books take decades before they're noticed by Hollywood. I Am Number Four has been out 6 months, tops. And I think even that is stretching it. They sent the ARC (advance reading copy) to our store and I took one look at it and thought, "Ooh." Now I'll pass it on to you.

All you have to do is comment. Anywhere on this blog. Be sure to include your email address or some way for me to contact you if you've won. The contest will run until February 22nd, which gives you time to see the movie if you're the type that likes to do that before reading the book.

**Note: Please understand that because this ARC came through my place of work, in order to keep people from reselling them, the edges of the book have been marked (the way libraries or publishers do with remainder books) with "ARC." If you like your ARCs completely clean, it's best not to enter this contest. :)

Haven't seen the trailer for I Am Number Four yet? Well then, here you go!

This is the new cover the book has recently been released with. The copy you receive will be paperback and be the image at the beginning of this post.


James Frey had his hand in co-writing the story, and it was kind of developed as a film and book at the same time, hence why the movie's out so quickly.

What's the deadline for entering the giveaway?

Ah. I'd read his name was in it, but didn't think that had any connection to the film speed.

Deadline is Feb. 22nd.

I'd love to read this book! Have it on my Wish List at Amazon but can't afford to get it yet... :-)

I've been curious about this one!

Enjoy your day,

I'm in; I am planning on seeing the movie so I can do a compare and contrast.


Sounds like a great book and thanks for the synopsis. I'd love to enter the giveaway if possible. Have a great day!


Never heard of the author, but the book sounds interesting. Include me in contest if you would be so kind:


I would love to read this book, and am intrigued by the conflicting hype. Whenver I get my hands on a copy, there will be a related post on my site.

It does seem like this book and movie came out of no where, but that makes it even more exciting! I would love to get my hands on a copy of the book, it sounds like just my kind of adventure. The movie looks amazing, too!


i really have wanted to read this for a couple of months, but never have gotten around to it yet.

I just saw this on IMDB and someone linked to the blog. It looks like it has good potential and if there are still openings, I would like to enter the giveaway. Email is Thanks!

My general rule is that I refuse to see the movie until I have read the book. Most of the time, I am sorely disappointed in the movie (i.e. The Twilight Saga) making me wish I had skipped the book, there are exceptions, though (Dear John). Thanks for the giveaway. You rock!!

looks like a good read:) interesting storyline..

I've read the book and loved it, but I was borrowing it from a friend and would love my own copy!

The book sounds interesting and the trailer does as well. I would love to try out the book.


Considering what the prize is, I would have entered if the book was a clean copy and it was with the movie poster cover.. Since it isn't, count me out. I can always read the book for free at a bookstore or library. If I decide to buy the book, I will. Thanks anyway.

George Waldman

Great contest! If the text is intact, that's the important part.


I always enjoy reading the book first. I do have to say I agree with others; some movies made from the books are a disapointment. I have to say though I read the Harry Potter series and in the book and movie both made me hate that Deloris Umbridge lady. I feel the best book to movie is The Lord Of The Rings series. There where some minor differences but they stayed pretty true to eachother. Well anyways bye bye for now and my e-mail is

I'd like to read this :)

The trailer looks exciting but I always prefer to read the book first. The movies spoil the reading experience for me.
Throwing my hat into the ring for the book giveaway contest. Thanks!!

I've heard great things about the book, so I'm excited for the movie. Please throw my name into the top hat full of names for the contest. XD


Hey! I'm really interested in reading this!

It looks like it could be really cool. I wanna read it BEFORE I see the movie!


I'd love to win this - it's on my Amazon wishlist too :)

catco22 at aol dot com

I am so excited about this book and movie! I would love to be the winner as I have downloaded the first three chapters on my kindle and am very intrigued. I just haven't had the $$$ to purchase the full book. Winning it would be great! :)

Would love to read the book, please enter me in the contest as well.

I really want to read the book. It sounds really awesome. ^^


I'm looking forward to this. Looks good.

Email: factor44[at]hotmail[dot]com

I would be very interested in reading this book. I have been keeping an eye on the movie, as well. Thank you for the opportunity.


I would love to check it out as well. Thanks for the giveaway!


ooh i'd love to read this book! the trailer looks interesting, but usually the books are better :)

My daughter is an avid reader and just finished the book for a school project. She loved it and is looking forward to the movie. She had to make a game related to the plot. Pretty cool idea for a 6th grade project. I look forward to reading and discussing with her. Thanks!

The book sounds promising to me and I would love to read it. Based on the trailers I've seen, I don't think the movie will do too well.


Chris Eheridge

Hey I saw this on imdb and I would like to enter the contest

Just saw the trailer on TV, and agree that the book is usually better. The premise sounds intriguing to me. So please enter me in the giveaway.

Saw the movie tonight, was okay but would be curious to find out how true to the book it was.


i would love to read this book.


I would love to enter the contest! This is such a great way to share books and pass them about. Im very impressed!


I wanna read the book first before watching the movie. Looks very interesting.

awesome job buddy. i have been looking for this book in the library and then came to IMDB to see the pre screening reviews for the movie and saw this link. Well I am interested in the give away:) Going to watch this movie on saturday. its part of my birthday weekend of fun.


I would love to read the book, please enter me in the contest.

I really would like to read this book before watching the movie.

Good movie. I just saw a screening tonight.

Oh I just watched the advance screening today and would love to read the book! Hopefully it'll answer a lot of the questions I have about the movie.

jenle33 (at) gmail (dot) com

Saw an advanced screening on Wednesday, 02/16.... loved it! I hope they make a part 2.

The film looks interesting, but the book soundsbetter.... so often the case!!!!


Sounds like another great contest, Nicole! Thanks for hosting these. I'm in. :)

Forgot to submit my email-- adrianna.bayer(at)



Thanks for having a great contest. The book sounds good. I just recently heard about the movie, which looks good as well.

I cannot wait to see this movie. I really think the kid looks to old to be in high school. I am seeing it for the Glee girl. I did see all the HArry Potter movies and after Deathly Hallows PT1 came out I went and read every book in 1.5 weeks. So I think the movie looks like I am going to be reading the books. Thanks

I'm really excited to see the movie, but would love to read the book!

I would love a copy. The trailers look so cool and the concept is cool too.

I want the book, can i have a copy? :)

I think I shall read the book then see the movie.

I think I want to read the book seems like it is one of those movies.

Seems like it would be best to read the book first on this one.

Sorry I am a blonde

Can't wait to read this I prefer to read a book before i watch the movie so here is my email address

I would love to read this book and I'm sure my two boys would also. Thanks for putting this out there.

Sounds like a good book! I always read the book first before the movie...and then I never enjoy the movie. But I watch it anyway.

Is there anyway to get this book as an electronic copy?


It looks to have the possibility of being pretty darned great. Funny, how I find myself looking forward to reading the book more than watching the movie. I expect, eventually, I'll do both.


I hope i win.

Kyle Denman

Just saw the movie thought it was highly entertaining with great special effects. Cannot wait to read the book.
Would love to be included in the giveaway. Am a huge sucker for movies based on books.

I've really been looking forward to this movie, tho I have not read the book yet. But I really would like to, so I'm in!

I can really use a new book to read!

I just saw the movie!It was worse than expected!!!

Just saw the movie and it was worse that expected.....

I just got back from the movie, and I LOVED it. I would quite enjoy reading the book now, to see what else there is to this story.

Entering the contest, thanks. :)

I have never heard of this book..looks interesting!

I would love to read this book! I've been thinking about it for a while but since I live in a place with no bookstores (except for romance and star-trek books for some reason).


I've been wanting to read this :)

Can I win now?! :D


please please please. can i win?

thank you so much for doing this anyways

Thanks for the giveaway!

I saw the movie and would be really interested in reading the book. I think it would probably give a better background to the story or at least more detail than the movie.


I had never heard about this book until the movie. The movie was AMAZING! Cant wait to read the book.

The movie was amazing! And the book sounds just as great!


I just saw this movie tonight and loved it, but would love to read the book and see how it differs from the movie. My best friend read the book before seeing the movie and said it was pretty true to the book, although there were definitely some changes. Please enter me in the giveaway :)



I am planning to view the movie this weekend and once I read the book, I will compare the two.
Till date, except 'LOTR' none of the movies have been as good as the books!

Of course I am sure the web site is not really encouraging me into piracy, as the film is not released in the UK until 23rd February so the only way I can see the film before 22nd is to down load a pirate version.

The movie seems like it might be good but I always like to read the book before I go watch it in the theatre. I would love to enter the giveaway!

I want to go see the movie but I want to read the book first!

I'd like to enter :)


Saw the movie today. Found it rather entertaining for a teenage romance based film. I would love to read the book to see what was left out of the film. Thank you. Regards, Cheryl

would love to get the book to understand the movie!

Hi. I am definitely interested in checking out the book. A friend keeps talking to me about it, and I am WAY down low on the local library wish list. Thanks for the chance to read it for free. Good luck everyone!


Just saw the movie and I'm looking forward to reading the book.


Sounds interesting. Thinking of checking the movie out.

The movie and book both seem interesting. I may read and watch it. Count me in.


the movie was freakin AWESOME. can't wait to read the book someday! :)

Wow! I actually never heard that there was a book! I think it would be a great read since the movie seems interesting enough for me to watch! Count me in to the giveaway!

I actually really enjoyed the movie and was hoping to pick up the book soon. I'd be delighted to have the honor of winning the copy of "I am Number 4" you have.

My e-mail is

Now I'm off for morning yoga! Haha

P.S. Interesting blog, first time I stopped by. Added to favorites!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just saw the movie and now i would love to read the book.

God Bless
Jacob Stephens

The book reminds me of I am legend and Percy Jacksons mix. I would like a copy of the book so that my preteen will be able to compare the movie with the book. Thank you

100 comments on this page, 0 comments everywhere else. ;_; foreveralone.jpg.

The book is on my wish list and the boy on the cover doesn't look to bad mind you.x

James Grabowski

I love Alex Pettyfer! <3

I'd love the chance to check it out

yay! I want to win this amazing book! Please enter me into the contest. :D

@ Anonymous 2:10

I know - isn't that so sad? =(

Looks like an interesting read. Hope I win...

sweet! just saw the movie & was excited when I herd it was book :)

Loved to read the book before watching the movie.
My email is:

Thanks so much :)

I'd love to read the book before watching the movie.
My email is:

Thanks so much :)
(sorry for the double post)

I thought the movie was great, I would love a copy of the book.

saw the trailer and i am intrigued...would love to read this! :D

Would love to get the chance to read this before seeing the movie! Thanks for the chance to win.

I would be happy to have this book for my mother. She is the biggest James Frey fan ever. Please oh please oh please. She has an autographed copy of Million Little Pieces.

My birthday is 2/28. What a great gift it would be to win this book!

I'm really hoping the book will be much better than the movie!

not the worst movie. I was entertained.

I just saw the movie and I liked it enough to want to get into this series, so winning this contest would definitely be nice.

Hi Nicole!
I didn't know the movie was based on a book until I read this post (you did good posting it on imdb), but as calico-reaction wrote, it's actually kind of siamese twins, so maybe I'll see the movie before reading the book. Usually the book fill in the blanks where needed (I'm sooo glad I read twilight before seeing the movie...).
I would love to get the book, would it be inconvenient sending it to Israel? (: just kidding, my brother lives in USA, so it won't be a problem. Hope I'm not late for this giveaway, fingers crossed.

I hear its sleeps

I would love this book and today is my birthday, so I went and saw the movie and loved it :)!


Gonna watch d movie 2day,thought i wud read d book bfore watchin d movie...

I was just looking on today for a book to buy and came across this book. While thinking on my purchase a work colleague then came in and started talking about the movie, I then searched the movie and came across this link to win the book and the competion ends today. This must be fate i am destined to win. :)

heey i would love to enter this sounds great is it international?

thanks for this

I've been to imdb reviews and I saw your link! I haven't watched the movie yet and I prefer reading science fiction books before I go to the cinema show. So, I'm in. Thanks!

Great! My nephews would love to read this. I plan to also take them to see the movie before it disappears from theaters.

Looks good!

I'd love to read the book before seeing the movie. I'm sure the movie will have to leave a lot out.


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