Friday, January 29, 2010

Recommended for Teens and High School Teachers

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

A haunting and yet completely captivating story about a girl named Hannah. Hannah killed herself, and one morning Clay finds a box with cassette tapes sitting on his doorstep. Before Hannah ended her life, she left these tapes to 13 people. These, Hannah claims, are the reasons why she committed suicide. Clay must listen to all of them in order to find out what he may have done that contributed to Hannah's despair and ultimately, her death.

There are a lot of heavy issues dealt with in this book, from suicide to rape to the damange one person can do to another without ever realizing the consequences. Readers will alternately dislike Hannah for her selfishness, and yet be able to identify with her predicament. Mostly though, this book will promote discussion between teens, friends, and parents about suicide, treating people with respect, and the impact one life has on another. No matter what your thoughts on the subject matter may be, you'll get sucked into this book just as I did. In terms of time - I read this book in a single day.

Notes from the playlist: "For May" by Kavin Hoo

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