Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recently Finished

All by Karen Marie Moning

I didn't actually finish all of these that recently, per se, but within the last month I finally tackled the remaining four of the series. I've been reading the Fever Series, and since characters in this series are involved in that one, I want all the pieces of the puzzle. For the record, I don't think that Jericho Barrons is Adam Black. Aside from that, it's neat because you can see how Moning's writing improves, and I think some of the stories get better. If you like big, brawny (and practically perfect) men (I prefer them a little leaner and no one is perfect), these books are definitely for you. That's also true if you like magic, romance, some serious sexual tension, and a good story, then try this series. Moning is busy finishing up the Fever Series right now, but has no intentions of stopping with the Highlander series. Will I keep reading it? Sure, if I'm in the mood for a romantic romp.

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