Monday, August 9, 2010

Recommended for Bird Watchers

Birds of Missouri by Stan Tekiela

I'd tried to work at B&N in Illinois. I managed to finally do it after we moved to Pennsylvania. I got lucky and continued to work there once we moved to Missouri.

With each and every move, my mother would buy one of these little field guides. All of them are by Stan Tekiela, who must have done some crazy research since he's the mind behind virtually every state. And I do mean every state. I haven't seen Hawaii yet, but if you search for "Birds of [insert your state here] field guide," you're bound to find it. Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine, you name it. Best part is that these books are small, color coded, and filled with all the pertinent information one might want to know about the birds you happen to see in your binoculars. They're easy, really handy, and great for anyone doing casual bird watching.

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