Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recommended for People Searching for Hope

703: How I Lost More Than a Quarter Ton and Gained a Life by Nancy Makin

This was a book a customer was searching for. She found it, but I remember seeing her put it back. Intrigued, I took a look myself and made a mental note: Read. In case you missed it, this has been in my Reading List off to the left for quite some time.

I finally got to it (and while reading it, it caught the interest of one of my managers as well). It's a fascinating story that will make you angry, make you smile, and yes, even perhaps shed a tear or two. I know, that all sounds awfully cliche, but it's true. When my manager asked how the book was going, I told her I'd finished it. Was it worth reading? Emphatic "Yes" on my part. Honest to heavens, if you're running out of hope for whatever reason, read this book. Understand that it's not impossible to love life again and escape from whatever dark prison you or others have managed to build around you. This book is actually in the Health/Diets section of our store, but it really can give you a boost no matter what you weigh.

Notes from the playlist: "When She Loved Me" by Sarah McLachlan

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