Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recommended for Fantasy Readers (Kids and Adults)

Mariel of Redwall by Brian Jacques

I threw young readers in there because the Redwall books are placed in both the adult fantasy section as well sa the young readers section of the store. I read them when I was young, but I would totally read them as an adult as well. In the end it just depends upon the book style you want. But whatever you decide, these are a lot of fun. I actually found Watership Down through these. I chose Mariel of Redwall because it was my first Redwall book and my favorite. The main characters are mice, otters, moles, and other woodland creatures while the bad guys include stoats, weasels, and rat pirates. They're fun to read and I must say, the food always sound delicious, haha.

Notes from the playlist: "Unopened" by Sonata Artica

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CaptainD said...

Hey Nicole! Long time no see - email me and let me know how that novel you were working on went :-D

I only read one of the Redwall books, Mossflower I think it was called - enjoyable stuff, I might revisit the series sometime.

Say hi to Stacey for me.


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