Saturday, January 8, 2011

Purchased for My Shelf

Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth

If you've followed this blog at all, you may have picked up at some point how much I adore DK books (that is, the folks at Dorling Kindersley Publishing). This was one of those books that, while in the receiving room pulling it out of the box, I got all googly-eyed over and knew I had to have. Hands down. The second I knew I could get it at a lower price (because it's list price is a whopping $50 though completely understandable), I nabbed it. This book is like every DK book ever made about the natural world. It is, in a single word, AWESOME. Every glossy page is filled with brightly colored pictures of mushrooms, fish, ferns, big cats, bears, spiders, dragonflies, and virtually everything that walks, crawls, swims, or wriggles on the planet. Ok, so maybe not everything, but it's pretty darn close. Just by flipping through it, I've already discovered all sorts of things. The fossa in Madagascar are real and do eat lemurs, and there really are deer out there with fangs (I knew it!).

Notes from the playlist: "TRON Legacy (End Titles)" by Daft Punk

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