Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recently Finished

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I recently saw Angels & Demons again (the book was better) and thought I might re-read the book. Then I remembered it was in St. Louis with my sister. Then I remembered I never got around to reading The Lost Symbol. So that's what I did. While I believe most people would agree that The Lost Symbol isn't as good as Brown's previous books featuring Robert Langdon, it's still a pretty good read. In this book, Robert has to cast disbelief aside and crack the code left by the Masons on a stone pyramid in order to save a friend. With science, God, and a madman thrown into a mix, once again it's a dangerous combination and worse, he's only got until midnight. It does keep you on your toes, but does have a frequent number of flashbacks and a few writing devices most writers would shake their heads at. It's enjoyable, however, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why writers should be given plenty of time to work on their books and they should be given the same editing attention as an author's first book.

Notes from the playlist: "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott

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