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Little Pink Pup by Johanna Kerby - A True Piggy Story!

Pros: A super cute tale of a piggy and some puppies
Cons: I think the design of the book could have been a bit better

The Bottom Line: If you love stories that warm the heart and involve animals, this is a book you ought to take a look at.

Pink was just a little piggy. A really little piggy. So little, he was the runt of the litter, and anytime he tried to get milk from his mama, his other bigger siblings would push him out of the way.

That's when the owners of the pigs decided to give Pink a chance with their dachshund, Tink. She'd just had a puppy of her own and fostered a few others, so adding in Pink sounded like a good idea. It was. Pink soon became one of her puppies - a pink puppy! He hung out with his new siblings and did well. He was still a runt (when he was 3 pounds, his siblings were 12!), but that was okay. When he eventually returned to the barn, he always got visited by his new siblings and even had his doggie bed brought in!

It's often a customer that will draw my attention to a fun book, and that was the case here. We had two in stock - I've been trying to sell the other one because it's such a cute book. Though I think some of the pictures and the overall way they're presented could have been done a little bit better (kind of like an awkward cut and paste - a surprise considering this is from a big publishing house), it's enough that kids will read, see the pictures, and know what's going on.

I'm a big sucker for stories like these. I love great animal tales with happy endings and unique pairings. The images are photographs taken by the owners. They'd put them online and got such a following they decided to turn the story into a book. I think it was a good move. It's a really cute story and kids will be delighted to see the tiny piggy all cuddled up with a bunch of puppies. I mean, come on - piglets and puppies? It's cute overload in this book! And you can't tell me Pink isn't 100% comfy in his doggy bed in the picture of him sleeping in it. Hah - it's like a real world Babe! Minus the sheepherding part, of course.

Strangely enough, Barnes and Noble places this story in the nature section rather than the non-fiction picture book section. If you can't find it, just ask someone. The text is simple, not too much per page, so it's a relatively easy read for kids. It's worth taking a look at, and kids who love animals or a little bit of goofiness will appreciate this heartwarming story.


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