Saturday, March 24, 2012

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O'Malley - Best Fairytale Ever.

Pros: A fun take on traditional fairy tales - perfect for boys and girls
Cons: None

The Bottom Line: When a typical fairytale is too boring, make it better by adding in a cool motorcycle dude.

I spotted this while, yes, in the backroom once again. The second I saw the cover I laughed and knew I had to read it. After all, how often do you see princesses and motorcycle dudes in the same story – for kids no less?

Two kids within this tale have to tell a story for an assignment – but they each have very different ideas as to how this story should go. The girl begins with the tale of Princess Tenderheart and her eight ponies. However, a giant starts stealing the ponies until only one is left. But it isn’t long before the boy can’t stand all this sugary sweet stuff about beautiful princesses and their ponies, so he takes over.

And in rides the cool motorcycle dude who tells the king that he’ll guard the last pony. Now it’s gone totally boy-style, with the giant totally ugly and gross, and the motorcycle dude super awesome.

Except now the girl isn’t satisfied with the story and it’s time for Princess Tenderheart to become a warrior woman and from there….well, I’ll let you read the story to your little ones and find out how this story ends.

It’s really funny the way the boy and girl are both thinking, “Ugh” at one another’s stories and how things change when each takes over. The girl’s story is illustrated with happy, soft colors and pretty designs (because ponies and kingdoms are lovely). But when the boy takes over, it’s bold and dark and with awesome effects like lightening (because cool motorcycle dudes need cool effects).

This book was written by Kevin O’Malley, but illustrated by Kevin O’Malley, Carol Heyer, and Scott Goto, and it makes for a great collaboration. You get to see the friction between the two kids at the start and how they’re able to work out their stories into something that makes them both happy in the end. It also takes aspects of the stereotypical boy-girl likes and dislikes and transforms them into what some of us are seeing today (where the girl is the one on the motorcycle, savvy?).

Whatever your boys and girls like or dislike, it’s a great story for everyone and will have you laughing and kids will read the pages with gusto. Definitely a book that needs and deserves more fans.


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