Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recommended for Bleeding Hearts

by Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell

Well, another Valentine's Day has passed us by, but this post comes a little late...which makes it more apt I should think, as we are ressurrecting the holiday to showcase this book.  Since I've already recommended Warm Bodies to you, I'm instead opting for the giggle-worthy child counterpart of Zombie in Love (though the two aren't related at all, I do find it funny that the main character here is a zombie named Mortimer - and R's friend in Warm Bodies was named M.  Perhaps this is his story...heheh).  Mortimer is looking for love, but he's not exactly the warm, snuggly type. He is, after all, a zombie.  But will he find someone to go with him to the Cupid's ball? Perhaps...especially since we all know that there's never just one zombie shambling around out there.  The illustrations are as colorful as can be for zombies, and there are a few silly elements that are bound to delight readers, such as Mortimer's zombified dog and his hand chew toy (...or is it a chew toy?). Great for Valentine's Day, Halloween, or any time because let's face it, zombies aren't exactly sticking to one holiday anymore, are they?

Notes from the playlist: "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift

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