Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recommended for Pigeons

The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

First the Pigeon wants to drive the bus. Then he finds a hot dog. Then he wants to stay up late. But now there's a Duckling involved - and today the Duckling has somehow, inexplicably, managed to get a cookie. The Pigeon can't believe it. How on earth did the Duckling get a cookie when the Pigeon can't even have a hot dog?? This is inexcusable. The Pigeon won't stand for it. That cookie has chocolate chips and nuts and everything. But perhaps this time the Pigeon will be in for a surprise...  This was the first book I read from Mo Willems involving the Pigeon and it was definitely amusing. Such a simple concept involving a duck, a pigeon, and a cookie. Who would have thought? It's a giggle-worthy book that kids will like, so make sure they get their Pigeon plushie ready (and maybe some cookies at the end).

Notes from the playlist: "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" by Harry Gregson-Williams

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