Saturday, March 8, 2014

Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray - Puppies, Pies, and ABCs!

Pros: A cute board book for learning ABCs
Cons: None
The Bottom Line: If you never thought that there could be an ABC book that told a story about a dog looking to eat some pie - you were wrong.

What first caught my eye was the little dog on the cover.  He reminded me of Snoopy although slightly perkier and a bit simplified.  Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray can be found wherever the children’s board books are.  The thicker cardboard-like pages are great for kids that are ages 0-3.  Easy to hold, and able to last much longer than a typical picture book since there’s no worry about page tearing.

The story is about the dog looking to snack on some apple pie.  The difference is that it’s not a typical story, but rather each short sentence starts with a letter of the alphabet.  As with most ABC books, the alphabet letter is made larger and more noticeable so kids understand the importance of the letter.  The text is easy to read with each sentence comprised of only a few words.  You can read this book to younger children, and then as they start to sound out words on their own, they can try themselves.

The artwork is bright, simple, and totally cute.  The little dog really wants some pie, although the little girl in the house knows perfectly well that pie isn’t for dogs.  Illustrations are fun and expressive and even though the rest of us know dogs shouldn’t eat pie, we’re still going to hope that maybe he can at least get a little lick.  But will he?  You’ll have to read to find out!

I love books like these because of their whimsical illustrations, bright colors, and fun text.  And who doesn’t love puppies and pie?  This is a great anytime book for kids to enjoy with parents or try on their own.  Perhaps after everyone enjoys a slice of pie?

  Notes from the playlist: "Merida's Home" by Patrick Doyle

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