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The Last Coloring Book List You'll Ever Need (Part 2 - Mandalas)

Mandala coloring books have been around for a long time. They actually hang out in a few different places of the store depending upon a few factors, from spots in New Age to Meditation. The goal is what coloring books' current goal is - to relax. But more than that, mandalas are spiritual in nature that can be found in many cultures and religions. So it shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to learn that more coloring books are appearing that feature mandalas, while others that were previously out have ramped up production. Even better, not all of them stick with geometric designs and can get rather interesting. I'm leaving out any coloring books mentioned previously (i.e. Dover), so these will be all new for you!


Wendy Piersall was featured online - so her books didn't last long in the warehouse...of which I am partly to blame. Anyway, they've been put into production more, so if your store doesn't have them, you can order them online. She only has two books out right now, with a third on the way. The books are small and a bit thin, but the illustrations are very nice. I personally like Coloring Animal Mandalas more, but either one should be enjoyable and a pretty good replacement if you can't get your colored pencils on Johanna Basford's books.

Power Mandalas is more rectangular in shape, which is interesting, and it's also been around for quite some time. I actually now realize I haven't opened this one up to see inside, but like other mandala books it features the concept of circular designs that give you the chance to relax while becoming one with the universe.


Monique Mandali has three mandala-based coloring books for you to enjoy. They're actually rather large and more square in shape, which is handy for anyone looking for something a bit more sizable. They're also not as crazy-intricate as a lot of other coloring books, so if you're in the mood for a book with less lines but still has fun shapes and de-stressing power, these could work nicely.

Because of the shape of mandalas, you'll find that a lot of them are square in shape. This one offers up dozens of mandalas to color - it's a pretty fat book. The author, Jim Gogarty, even runs a website called where it looks like he offers a few more items through Etsy. But why wait for shipping when you can own a copy of The Mandala Coloring Book now?

Like the above, these books are square as well as nice and fat. Here we have Volume 1 and Volume 2 of mandalas - and these sell nicely. Funny enough, I just discovered the first volume yesterday in our coloring section - I promptly dragged it up to the front of the store where the table is. The coloring section is empty - but hey, it's in the back of the store anyway and at this point, there's no room for all the books we have on the table. These are good quality books and great for anyone looking to add to their mandala coloring book collection.

Coming soon via Barrons Educational (which seems weird to me, but hey, whatever), Color Yourself Calm, featuring mandalas! Available June 1st, it looks rather promising if I were to do what the old proverb says not to do and judge it by its cover. One has automatically been ordered to the store, so I guess we'll see how it turns out.


I realize it seems a bit ridiculous to offer up coloring books that you can't get yet. The Mindful Mandala Coloring Book won't be available until September. Until then, you can get in on some of the other Lisa Tenzin-Dolma mandala books. They're quite nice and do have some variety to choose from if you prefer something more themed. The list I dug up includes some non-coloring books, but it was the best way to show everything under her name HERE.

If mandalas aren't your thing, don't worry - there are plenty more coloring books on the way that feature a grand variety of designs and concepts for you to color in!

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