Saturday, August 1, 2009


Welcome one and all to the new reading blog. Looking for a good book for friends? Family? Kids? Then come here or bring them yourself. Spread the word and bring me some traffic.

I read in a whole range of genres from science fiction and fantasy to crafting and children's books.

The point of this blog is to just put the word out concerning good books. As a bookseller for Barnes & Noble, we get to recommend books to our customers, often ending with happy readers. People are always looking for good things to read, and word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, sometimes making or breaking a book. So I'm just doing here what I do at work; getting the word out on good books for people to enjoy.

I've gone back in my brain to remember as many books that I've recommended as I can. I surprised myself with the list I managed to put together. From fiction to science to teens, it's a fun list that should have something for everyone in it. I'll start posting these and then as I read more, should end up with more on the list. Every couple of days you can expect to see a book posting, occasionally with a more in-depth Epinions review (by moi) attached. Likewise, since I'm a music junkie, I'll include a little tiny note about what I currently have playing in my playlist (and don't worry, my music tastes range just as widely as my book lust).

From time to time, the recommendations will be punctuated by what I'm currently reading or perhaps what I've just finished (as I often read books in a few days or a single day if they're truly awesome and short enough to gobble up) and a few thoughts on the book (such as how it's going thusfar), giving you even more insight into what a bookseller reads.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and pluck out a book you'd like to read, because today begins my ever-lasting love affair with books.

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