Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Cracked Open

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

When I moved to my new home, we got satellite instead of cable, and of course a free package came with it. That meant movie channels. Thus for the first time I got to see Stardust.

For it's flaws, it's a fun movie, but working in a bookstore I knew that Neil Gaiman was the mastermind behind the book that became the movie (found in both the adult and teen sections, in fact). I've not read as many of Gaiman's novels as I would like (American Gods is next on my list), though I did make a point to own Coraline (the book, not the movie). I wanted to know just how different the book is from the movie. I may not know Giaman well, but I know enough to feel safe to assume that it will be quite different. But in a good way. I expect to have a good time with Gaiman. After all; Coraline? The creator of the movie Mirrormask? Oh yes. A very good time.

Notes from the playlist: "The Myth of Creation" by Ian Bellamy

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