Sunday, November 8, 2009

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Every day it seemed I'd end up in the fantasy/science fiction section of the store, fixing and adjusting books. Facing out here, reshelving there. I'd always linger around a handful of them, thinking, "I ought to read this." Neil Gaiman's books were some of them.

Finally I got my hands on American Gods and am now in the middle of it. It's a slow, but interesting book. I'm waiting for something major to go down. After all, there's a storm coming. A clash of the gods, old and new. And poor protagonist Shadow is right in the middle of it. He's a regular guy...or at least he's supposed to be. I doubt it. First off, he's named Shadow. C'mon. Second, he keeps having very strange dreams. Third, everyone and their grandma is out to get the guy. I'm pretty sure he's important and will do something awesome in the end. Though I am getting a little impatient, it's more because I want things to move along more because I have other books I need to read and thusfar Shadow's just hiding out in a small, quaint town getting groceries and talking to the townsfolk about mundane things.

I loved Coraline. Waiting for this one to really capture me though.

Notes on the playlist: "Beauty and the Beast" (the Angela Lansbury version)

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