Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recommeded for Everyone

2,001 Things to Do Before You Die by Dane Sherwood

Now, I know it sounds slightly morbid, but curiosity piqued and I had to sneak a peek at this book. I bought it not long after. Really, it's quite funny since there are soooo many different things you can mark off. That's all it is; a list of 2,001 things you can do, each with a box beside it for you to check. Some are easy, like baking a massive cookie (which I actually have yet to do) while others are downright impossible - as a woman, I cannot grow a beard, much less shave it off. Still, there are plenty of fun, interesting, and downright bizarre things for you to do or be inspired to try (I really want to try milking a cow).

This book may seem a bit hard to get, but you can usually find it in B&N's bargain section.

As of right now (and I've just marked off another square), I've done 207 things. (yes, I just counted them)

Notes from the playlist: "If Today was Your Last Day" by Nickelback

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