Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey

Having read Mike Carey's first two books - The Devil You Know and Vicious Circle - I wondered a few weeks ago whether or not he'd written another one. Carey is well-known when it comes to the comic world (working on such popular goodies as X-Men), so when I first found him, I was curious. Could he create an entire engaging novel? While I wasn't entirely wowed by the first book, I was still curious enough to read his second. I liked his protagonist Felix Castor and his abilities, as well as the subplot involving his possessed friend Rafi and a lurking succubus named Juliet. In fact, I find the subplots more fun than the main deal most of the both books to be honest. But here I am again, lurking around in Felix's world and having an interesting time doing it. We'll see if perhaps this time Carey can really rock my socks.

(if you're curious and want a fuller review of the first two books, check my Epinions reviews here and here!)

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