Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recently Finished

2 Bodies for the Price of 1 and 3 Men and a Body by Stephanie Bond

Well, since I muscled through the first book, Body Movers, I decided to continue on to the second and third books. I went through these much faster. I think it's because Carlotta wasn't as dumb this time around. There's some hot n' spicy stuff going on, another sticky situation that Carlotta finds herself in, and an attempt to draw in her parents (who've been on the lam for the last ten years). Though Carlotta and her brother are still totally stupid when it comes to money (and I mean painfully stupid), I was able to read both of these without as much eye rolling or a desire to throw it across the room. Though I don't recommend this series, I myself do intend to continue on. Why? I like the trio of guys (Peter is trying, Coop is squeal-worthy, and Jack is a smart ass cop), I'm curious about the parent thing, and I'd like to think that somehow both Carlotta and Wesley will wise up at some point.

I think we're getting there.

Read the Epinions review to book #2 here!

Notes from the playlist: "Brazil" by Django Reinhardt


Molly said...

Thanks for this post! I'll have to check this book out. Sounds like it's right up my alley!

I also wanted to leave a book recommendation for you! =) It's of the fantasy genre and it's entitled Bloodline: Alliance by L.R. Saul. I've been recommending it all over the place, as I was just introduced to it and have found it to me a stand-out in the genre. It presents authentic characters, plot twists and thematics that mirror our own reality with issues such as prejudice, injustice, personal grief, etc. I can't get enough of it, and I highly recommend it to the avid reader who may be looking for something unique and different!

Thanks again for this post! I will share it forward to my book loving friends. =)

Nicole said...

Glad you found something you might like! That's why I have this blog. :)

I'll have to check that out too - you found one of my weaknesses. Wolves! And unique and different can always be loads of fun. :D

Molly said...

Oh, I love the Wolf in the story, and the bond he has with her.

I also the music note at the bottom of your post. Django is one of my fave guitarists. What a lovely, gypsy man he was!

Nicole said...

I know! I have more by him too, once I heard him on that soundtrack.

I realized I ought to update this post too since I just finished the third book today!

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