Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy by Luke Cuddy (Editor)

Now, your store may or may not have this - apparently it is now out of print and only available digitally, but a few stores still have it in stock (at least they do around me). Every time I was in the philosophy section of the store, I saw this and others like it; House and Philosophy. Family Guy and Philosophy. Star Wars and Philosophy. But out of them all, I thought this would be the most fun to read. Though not a big gamer at all, I do love the Zelda games (ok, so I only own/have played two of them) and was really curious as to how the writers managed to wrangle philosophical concepts from an adventure video game. I suppose if you try hard enough, you can get philosophical about almost anything. Still, it's been an interesting read, with essays by different writers all compiled together. And yes, these guys have played the games.

Notes from the playlist: "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band

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