Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recommended for Science Geeks and Any Crichton Reader

Prey by Michael Crichton

The stuff Crichton came up with was always pretty impressive, both on a literary level and on a scientific level. Never mind that the dinosaurs escaped and wrecked havoc in Jurassic Park - we're all still jazzed about the idea of actually making real dinosaurs. As with most of his books, Crichton utlized a terrific amount of actual research to base all his ideas upon. This is also what helps to make the book so freaky. Robots of any form breaking free of human control and doing their own thing is a huge fear that lurks around. Nanos are no different. Those little buggers could (and in the book, do) as much damage as any human-sized, or larger, robot. Scary. However, that same information is what makes this book so thrilling. You like SF? You like Michael Crichton? You like science? Dive in, because this book is for you.

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