Saturday, August 27, 2011

Books for Troops!

Hey gang!

Trying out a little something different for now.

In the months that follow, I'm setting up a little donation doodad off to the side. Not for myself, no, no. I often squirrel away money and items in order to send them to troops overseas. I use to pick a group of men and women and send the things they need. Most of the time they're bored. Books a great because they're so versatile. Don't need a DVD player or batteries to play books!

But I also don't have a lot of money to spare. It can cost a lot to send a big package of books - even if I use the flat rate boxes. So if anyone's interested and doesn't mind parting with a dollar here and there, more books could go to all the men and women doing the kind of work that would leave the rest of us shaking in our boots. It's all voluntary and every penny will go toward shipping and new books (in case I run out of ARCs). I plan on keeping the donation button up until after Christmas and see how it goes.

So if you want to help entertain some soldiers with some good books but don't have a lot to spare, we can pool our resources and send boxes full of goodies overseas. Yay!

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