Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recommended for Fairy Tale Folk

Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Edition)

I adore Grimm's Fairy Tales. I guess it's because I'm such a sucker for fun fantasy. These are all the original tales - where the princes don't always kiss the beautiful maidens to wake them up, where witches die in horrible ways, and you learn everything that wasn't in the Disney movies. Hee. It's actually very interesting to see all the differences. I like this book not only for the stories, but also for the ideas. As a writer of fantasy, I've begun to look for some of my favorite tales and discover how to work them into new ways. Yay! Even better, for every Grimm's Fairy Tale in one really good-looking book, it's a great price. I own a bunch of these leatherbound editions. I'm happy I have the one I do (the cover is different and to be honest, I like mine better). But if you love fairy tales and want all the originals in one awesome book, this is the way to go!

Notes from the playlist: "Crescendolls" by Daft Punk

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