Saturday, April 7, 2012

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Second Grave to the Left by Darynda Jones

One of my managers recommended First Grave on the Right to me, and when I read the summary, I decided I was game. Finally the second book came out, and after months and months of being on the library's waiting list, I finally got it. This time Charley is trying to solve more than one case - both of which involve missing persons. Except while one is human, the other is not. Both might kill her. It's another fun ride, and one of the best parts about these books is Charley's voice. The author gives her plenty of snark and the room to do it, which is what makes Charley my kind of heroine. I look forward to seeing how this ends and then moving on to the third book right after.

Notes from the playlist: "Memories" from Xenoblade

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