Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recommended for Arachnologists (Kid Versions)

Uncover a Tarantula by David George Gordon

Honestly, I think I learn more from kids' books than I do from adult books. Kids books are simple and straight to the point. I was cleaning up one day and found this. Curious, I flipped through it and read about tarantulas. I learned all sorts of cool things that I never knew. Did you know that while humans have iron in their blood for oxygen purposes, tarantulas have copper? That's why their blood is a different color. Cool! I had no idea that was even possible. Even better, kids will love the design of the book because each page uncovers a different layer of the tarantula body - from circulatory system to nervous system to important tarantula organs. These books are cool and I would have loved to have one or more as a kid. I say more because you can get other books that show the insides of animals such as frogs, sharks, and even a t-rex!

Notes from the playlist: "Chemical Plant Zone (Dance Remix)" by JemenJ

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