Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Cracked Open

The Vindico by Wesley King

With such a dashing cover, I had to take a look at this one.  The back didn't offer me a blurb, but instead a piece of the book; "Somehow I don't think this will be an apprenticeship program.  Unless it's for a weird fashion school, in which case, I'm loving the cape."  Here we have several teens who have been kidnapped and who will receive super powers - but at a price.  They are to become the next super villians of the world (as they live in a world where superheroes and villians are the norm).  But why were they chosen?  Will they do what the evil group, the Vindico, asks of them?  How far will any of them go to get the super powers of their dreams.  I'm curious about all of this myself and look forward to see how things go.  While I don't expect this to be amazing literary reading, I do expect it to be an exciting adventure and likely a quick read - which is exactly what I was looking for.

Notes from the playlist - "Misery," by Maroon 5 by Wesley King

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