Saturday, July 28, 2012

Recommended for Little Bears

Otto the Book Bear by Kate Cleminson

I just discovered this book the other day - even though it's been out for about seven months now.  It was placed on our children's octogon table and the second I saw it, I thought, "Oh I have to read this."  I couldn't just ignore that cute little bear on a book.  I'm a sucker for stories like this and honestly, when my sister has kids, these are the sort of books I'm going to read to them.  Otto is a bear who lives in a book.  He's happiest when children read his book, but when they're off doing other things, then he'll leave his book and play around the house by himself.  But then one day his book is left what will Otto do?  Initially I thought this book was done by the same author/illustrator as Orange Bear Apple Pear because of how cute Otto was, but soon realized I was wrong.  That doesn't matter.  He's still adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book.

Notes from the playlist, "Never Close Our Eyes," by Adam Lambert

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