Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recommended for Kids

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

You simply can't go wrong with a lion in the library (at least, you can't when it's in a children's book!). When this lion wanders in one day, no one is sure what to do. But this lion loves books and he enjoys sitting with the children. The kids love him as well, but sometimes it's hard for a big lion to behave - and be quiet - in a library.

I love the illustrations that go with this story. The lion is so big! The best part is that he's probably pretty on par with how big a real lion would be compared to a child. He's an adorable lion with cute facial expressions and really, it's just hard not to love a lion that hangs out in a library. It's a whimsical sort of tale that children will love to read or have read to them, and who knows? Maybe this will make them want to visit the library more often!

Notes from the playlist: "This Side" by Nickel Creek

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