Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recently Finished (and Recommended)

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

All right, I admit. I was suckered in by the cover on this one. That doesn't happen often...if ever. But there I was, moseying around a writer's forum when I saw the two covers of Jill Myles's upcoming books (the second being Succubi Like It Hot) and thought, "Ooh. Yum." Haha. How could I not? Still, that didn't mean I was going to read it. Her covers got me to her website where she offers you the first chapter of the book. I read it. And I promptly freaked out when I got to the end because I couldn't keep reading. I was forced to wait patiently until the book came out (yeah, it wasn't even out yet), but after all that, I've finally read it.

And I enjoyed. Thoroughly. It's not even really what you think, I'm sure. While the whole succubus thing might turn some people off, along with the inclusion of vampires (yep, everyone's into those these days), you need to know that Myles takes a completely different road with just about everyone involved. Succubi like sex, but they can't help it. Angels can be assholes, and vampires are fallen angels. Some interesting takes on many different traditional things. Highly enjoyable, very hot and tasty, just what the doctor ordered (and the sort of thing I was looking for, oh, several years ago).

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Notes from the playlist: "My Name Is Lincoln" by Steve Jablonsky

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