Friday, March 26, 2010

Recommended for Pet Lovers and Dog Owners

Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan

Let's face it: most people fail to relate to their dogs as, well, animals. In fact, they can barely relate to them as dogs, let alone animals. That's where Cesar comes in. My last dog passed away (miss you, baby!) some time ago, and we've just now gotten a new dog. Difference is that we had our original dog since she was a puppy; this new dog is a rescue and already 3 years old. I knew my old dog inside and out. We were in-sync, and though I know she wasn't the perfect dog, at least I understood her. New dog not so much. So, knowing how good Cesar is with dogs, decided to see what he had to say. And it all makes so much sense. It's a lot of common sense, actually. Common sense that a lot of people just don't have when it comes to dogs. How they are pack animals, how (and why) they need a walk every day, how they have certain energy levels that we need to learn how to manage with our own. This isn't a book on how to housebreak your dog or teach him to sit. It's a book about understanding dogs, why they do certain things, and how to handle some situations. How to - as Cesar says - be the pack leader.

Notes from the playlist: "Junuh Sees the Field" by Rachel Portman

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