Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purchased for My Shelf

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

I'm so happy to finally have this on my bookshelf. The funny thing is that I remember some guy looking for this book many, many months ago, but neither I or whoever was looking it up thought much of it. Yet several months later, it grew in popularity and before I knew it, several of us would stand around at the Info desk reading parts of it aloud to one another and marveling at the weirdness within its pages. Amy Stewart's compiled just about any poisonous or otherwise noxious plant you might want to know about, from the everyday poison ivy to the lesser known (at least to us) suicide tree. It's short, to the point, letting you know how the plant will kill or harm you, where its origins are, and how it spreads. It's a small book, for all it's nifty information, and one of the cooler books I've seen in a while.

Notes from the playlist: "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen

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