Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recently Finished

Mr. Hands by Gary Braunbeck

Finally! I get to a book written by the man who helped me write mine. It's funny the way a lot of people think horror writers are messed up wackos when in fact, some of the greatest, funniest people I've met have been horror writers. I can think of at least four off the top of my head. But that's beside the point.

Mr. Hands is a definite creep-you-out session with more real world horror than supernatural horror. Though I admit that disappointed me (I really wanted to see more of Mr. Hands tearing people apart), that doesn't make this any less disturbing. that's because real world horror is, in my mind, a lot more terrifying than supernatural horror. Why? Because the real world stuff is what can actually happen to people. And that's scary as hell. Gary's good at description too. You get everything with him, so watch out.

I really love this cover, though. Always did.

Notes from the playlist: "Flowers for a Ghost" by Thriving Ivory

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