Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recommended for Teens and Twilight Lovers

The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L.J. Smith

Mmm, Happy Valentine's Day. Here's some dark, delicious love for you instead of that sweet and snuggly crap. Hah!

The problem with this trilogy is that it is out of print. I know, it's a bit ridiculous for me to suggest titles that you can only get through secondary dealers, and even then you'll probabaly notice the high prices. I recommend this in the hopes that because many other L.J. Smith books are being reprinted, this trilogy will come back out. I cross my fingers and send mental notes to Simon & Schuster (write letters to them!!) because if this book were in fact on the shelves, I would recommend this trilogy to people until the end of time.

If you liked Twilight, you would go bonkers for this trio of books. You think Edward is scrumptious and deadly all at once? Wait until you get a load of Julian. Julian is sexy and dangerous, frost and fire, all the things you want and can't have rolled into one luscious package. Yes, I have read Twilight, and let me tell you right now - Julian wins over any of those guys hands down.

I first read this trilogy when I was 23 and drank up every word. I read each of these books in one sitting, often starting late and then staying up until 2am to get through them. L.J. Smith takes you to different worlds and uses language that brings you straight into the story. It's vivid, engrossing, and just one heck of a good time. I'm serious when I say we ought to write letters. I've tried multiple times to contact Smith herself. I want this on the shelves and would handsell it like nothing I've ever handsold before. **And now it is and I am - YAY!

And yes, I scoured multiple used book sites in order to obtain these books for my own and now proudly have them sitting on my bookshelf. If you can find them at your local library, go for it. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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P.S. Props to the cover artist - that's exactly how I pictured Julian. Delicious. ;D

Notes from the playlist: "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence


MeganRebekah said...

Ah! I loved this series as a teen (and okay, I still have it on my sehlf and sometimes I might reread it).
I'm glad I found your blog and another LJ Smith fan!

Nicole said...

You know, I've actually emailed her a few times in an attempt to get these back into publication like several of her other series. No dice. I don't understand Simon & Shuster. I would pimp this series to customers like there was no tomorrow...

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