Thursday, June 10, 2010

Purchased for My Sister

The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville

For the longest time it seems, Bruce Coville has been working on the Unicorn Chronicles. My sister was young when she started them, now she's older, but there's nothing like finishing what you've started. Today, as it happens, is my sister's birthday. Lucky me (and her), this book came out June 1st. Originally it was going to come out a year (or was it two?) back, but Coville announced on his blog that the story was just too big, and therefore had to be split up.

I haven't read the third book yet (which reminds me, I ought to recommend the first one), but I thought I would wait until this book came out. While sis reads her new birthday gift, I intend to go back, start from the beginning, and then go all the way until the end. Hooray for unicorns!

Notes from the playlist: "Alice Reprise #5" by Danny Elfman


LM Preston said...

That's wonderful to purchase books for your sister. My daughters exchange books here in there, but their taste are very different - at least for now.

Nicole said...

Yeah - except now that particular series is over, so I'll have to come up with something else for Christmas! =D

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