Monday, June 14, 2010


The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith is NOW AVAILABLE!

WHOO! You may remember me recommending this trilogy last year. Much to my dismay it was still out of print, despite the fact that everything else Smith has written had reappeared due to the Twilight phenom. But I just discovered yesterday that on June 8th it was released once again and is now available in bookstores, all three books in one volume! YAHOO! Though I'm still sort of not too sure about the girl on the cover, I'm already handselling this book to people that get too close to me. Haha. Honestly, I've enjoyed books before, but I've never tried to handsell them like I want to with this one. While I believe that Smith's work is infinitely better than Stephenie Meyer's, I do have to at least give Meyer some credit - Steph, if you hadn't published Twilight, this trilogy might have never seen the light of day again. So kudos (but I'm still not recommending or going to handsell your book, sorry).

Read the Epinions reviews for books one, two, and three!!

**I would like to add that the last two times I've worked once discovering this, I've sold at least one book per day and I'm happy to see them selling well on their own. I knew I was right about it being a good idea to re-release this trilogy!

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