Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recommended for Mystery Buffs

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

If you liked Hannibal Lecter, then you might like this little reversal. Gretchen Lowell is a serial killer. She's a beautiful woman, but she's poison through and through. After years of chasing her, cop Archie Sheridan is caught in her clutches - and miraculously escapes. Now, chasing a new serial killer, he has to do a little quid pro quo with Gretchen. This was good, no doubt, and quite frankly, a bit distrubing. Gretchen is a fascinating character being that you don't often see women as the calm collected killer like she is. The relationship she has with Archie is twisted, and it's their interactions that held me more than the actual mystery. However, I don't normally read mysteries like this one (more serious), and often avoid them simply because it's often young girls being murdered by some wack job, as it is here. So while I'd like to move on to Sweetheart and then maybe Evil at Heart, I can't yet bring myself to do it. But I definitely know people out there that will dig this series (one of my managers is one of them!)

Notes from the playlist: "Waterpipe Angels" by Matthew Sabol

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